Poetry by Angela


My heart, oh my heart does beat for you

When light comes in and day breaks then truth speaks

What have you done to me that my heart should stop

Oh how I wait for just one kind word from your lips

Just a glimmer of hope

The moment of truth

My truth, my reality is all I can bear today

My soul is fragile and cannot bear the truth

The truth that is at my door

Stand still, the quietness is so much kinder

Kinder than the words you are about to speak

Oh how my heart does beat for you, for your touch

Stop and let me only remember the warmth of yesterday

And not your touch that has grown colder than a winter day

Let me have one more day in my reality

Your reality is more than I can stand

Turn, Turn, Turn

I have encircled myself in my reality

The words spoken by you fall like petals from a dying flower

Quickly gathered and pressed

Until they disappear into my reality

Of what should be, but what is not

Let me have one last glass filled with illusions


 A wave, a rush of wind, a moment

It has passed, it is gone too fast

A shadow, a hint of time

A grasp, a clutch, bring it back

A memory, a promise, a longing

For what could have been

A touch that never was

A word that was never spoken

A promise that was never fulfilled

An ending that was too soon

Bring back the moment that was lost

The enemy creeps in

He hovers, he swoops

His teeth are sharp

He steals what is mine

Never to be captured

Only to move on to the next

Without a word of intent

Without regard to person or stature

Infant to infinity

It is not his care

Take the young the old

It does not matter

They are all of equal value

All are a prize in his eyes

How can such an enemy be defeated

How can I bring rest to my soul

How can I bring peace to my spirit

How can a hand that is empty be filled

How can a heart that aches be soothed

Cherish the moment that is before you

Speak the word that was unspoken

Hold the hand that eludes you

Create the memory that might have been missed

Embrace the life that is before you

When the tears fall as they must

Joy will spring forth

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